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The AutoLoop Software Suite enables dealership-to-customer engagement like no other, and our users are excited to share their success stories.


"Hyundai of St. Augustine highly recommends the AutoLoop program. AutoLoop has delivered what was needed to complete our service process from marketing, scheduling, lane tablets and reporting in an easy to use format. Jessica R, our Field Performance Manager and support team consistently provide us with unmatched professionalism and product knowledge. Having used and tried other programs, I can highly recommend AutoLoop to anyone."

"CVIS has enabled us to write 20% more service orders a day"

"I do want to send a quick note saying thank you for the staff you have put into place.  It has been quite a pleasure working with so many great individuals over the years, but I would like to say that Keri, K.C., and Alexia have all gone above and beyond for me.  They all seem like great people and are very responsive and efficient in their work.  Please make sure you find a way to let them know they are appreciated on a level that can’t be expressed through an email."

"Please, please, extend our gratitude to everyone who worked so hard on this and thank them for their patience with us.  We are truly very grateful that you and everyone are so willing to help us."

"CVIS has a lot features that improve the way we interact with our customers. They really like being able to see photos and video of the work we recommend. When they can actually see what needs to be done, they are more comfortable approving it. That has significantly increased the amount of recommended work we do. They also love the convenience of email recommendations, quotes and approvals. From start to finish, CVIS is great for our customers and us.”

"This is beyond better than anything we’ve ever had." - David Bergamotto, Service Manager at Park Ave BMW

"We here at Rallye love using AutoLoop!  Their representatives are always friendly and amiable as well as being helpful and informed.  We especially love how efficient the use of AutoLoop is for our e-mails.  We can easily get out our precise message to our customers.  Their formats are pleasing to the eye and easy to manipulate.  AutoLoop is easily one of the best ways for a Mercedes-Benz dealership to get their message out to their clientele!  We highly recommend it!" - Shaun Weissman Manager, Business Development at Rallye Motors


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For a small amount of money we've created more than $20,000 in customer recovery business in the past 3 months alone. - Chris Dixon, Fixed Ops Director, Carolina Volvo/Savannah Volvo

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We're excited -- it's a good system, we're getting customers back in that we haven't seen in a while and the return on investment is awesome. - Ken Hyman, General Manager, Bel Air Honda

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The reports don't lie... If I can tell anyone to signup with AutoLoop -- signup, because it will make you money. A LOT of money.