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Part 3: 3 Ways Scheduling Software Can Work for You

Part 3: Create a Blueprint for Success

The process of strategic planning will always remain in your hands. But the right scheduling software delivers data that can help you make your service department more efficient, more focused and more profitable.

Step 1: Keep Track of your Weekly Capacity

An effective scheduling software will display weekly capacity, showing how close you are to having the exact number of customers your service bay can handle. The perfect week would show a capacity close to 100%—meaning your service bay was always filled without being overcrowded.

Step 2: Predict your Forecasted Capacity

Monitoring your weekly capacity over time provides the data necessary to strike a balance between too many appointments and too few appointments. This information comes in handy when planning new promotions, restocking parts and inventory, writing the employee schedule, and keeping customer wait time to a minimum.

Step 3: Expect the Unexpected

Your scheduling software should keep track of no-shows and walk-ins. Become familiar with your dealership’s averages in these areas and use this information to estimate how many extra customers will stop in (as well as how many appointments won’t be honored).

If you're looking for scheduling software that can deliver this data, as well as help you avoid overbooking and build customer loyalty, your best bet is AutoLoop’s own AutoBook. To learn what AutoBook can do for your dealership, email us at or call us at 877-850-2010 today.

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