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3 Ways to Maximize Sales with Quote

Accelerate trade cycles and drive sales retention with AutoLoop Quote, an advanced equity mining and real-time quote generation tool. Quote helps you reach prospects before they shop your competitors by continuously analyzing your DMS, Black Book®, Edmunds™ and AutoLoop internal data to automatically generate quotes precisely matched to your inventory.

In fact, one of the fastest-growing OEMs has reported that an impressive 9.6% (or 3,787) of its vehicle sales for the month of March were a direct result of using Quote.
Here are three ways you can target prime equity prospects by utilizing all Quote has to offer:

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1. Share cost analysis sheets in the service drive.
A picture is worth a thousand words—or, potentially, thousands more in profits. Quote’s comprehensive equity analysis handouts have been proven to boost service lane sales by up to 13%.

Quote takes initiative by automatically and precisely identifying all your prime prospects, notifying your sales team when one of those customers is scheduled for service and then generating a quote before that customer arrives. Quote’s personalized cost analysis sheet is the perfect sales tool to capitalize on these opportunities. Designed to close the dealer quicker, each lead sheet features complete offer details on the closest matching vehicle, including new payment, purchasing options, warranty information and the customer’s True Cost to Own.

2. Call your upgrade-eligible customers.
Calls are crucial to prospecting, as well as follow-up. Quote handles all the legwork here, monitoring customer ownership 365 days a year in order to target the most favorable times for repurchase opportunities. The system then delivers a list of prime prospects to call. Included are those with maturing leases and loans, customers coming out of vehicle warranties and those driving over their lease mileage.
These calls have a proven impact on sales: when an appointment is set and the customer arrives at the dealership, the average closing ratio is over 70% and the average gross profit is $800 higher. To get optimal results from your calls, use a four- or six-month call rotation and make sure your team always has a compelling script.

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3. Batch leads into equity campaigns.
Engage your customers with automatic emails or direct mail—and choose both to maximize your impact! Multichannel delivery helps strengthen your message and reinforce your offers and has been proven to raise response rates. Quote’s intuitive campaign creation system streamlines the process: build your automated or on-demand campaigns from an extensive gallery of professionally designed equity templates and then select your preferred launch and delivery options.

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