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5 New Dynamic Worksheet Features

Here’s a first look at five new features that give you greater control over your deals than ever before.

The latest update to our Dynamic Worksheet introduces five new features that give you greater control over your deals than ever before. You have the freedom to default settings to your preferences—but now, your worksheets may be updated on a per-deal basis or at any point in the sales process. Maintain or edit details as needed to streamline your sales process and close the deal even faster.

1. Show/hide MSRP, Discount, Freight, Lease Mileage
Include the deal information that persuades your prospect most while omitting things that aren’t relevant or don’t interest them. Follow these simple steps:

A. Under the Sales Process tab, select Work-A-Deal, then the Retail tab.
B. You will see a Hide window containing checkboxes for MSRP, Selling Price, Freight, Mileage and other line items. Check the boxes for the items you do not wish to show on the worksheet:


2. Show Payment Spread on worksheet
You can set up the spread to show any range you like in persuading the prospect to accept terms. Here’s how:

In the Retail tab of your deal, you will see a grid of windows at the top of the page giving you options to enter payment plans of various lengths. XRM will automatically calculate down payment and term payments (see above illustration).

3. SmartPay integration
SmartPay, a third-party service, allows customers to make payments based on their actual payroll, creating more flexibility in meeting payments. Suppose a customer is paid weekly or biweekly – they can use SmartPay to make payments on that basis, and you can reflect what the proposed payment is on the worksheet. Talk to your Performance Manager for more information.

4. Replace dealership information with a logo
Improve your branding and strengthen customer awareness with this valuable feature that adds one of your store’s most powerful visual elements. It’s easy following these steps:

A. Go to the Maintenance tab. From the pulldown menu, select “Custom Settings.”
B. Select Dealership Logo at the top.
C. Select Change to choose a logo and navigate to the logo you wish to use.
D. Select Save to save your changes.

5. Print This Page link added to worksheet window
Select the link for quicker access to your printer, streamlining your desking process:


We’re tweaking your worksheets to get them into your customers’ hands when the buying impulse is strongest. Familiarize your staff with these new features and close more deals earlier than ever. Contact your Performance Manager with any questions about updates to your Dynamic Worksheet.