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Among Automotive Customers, Mobile Leads in Email Marketing

Adopt Mobile Best Practices to Maximize ROI

By Scott Kane, AutoLoop Direct Marketing Strategist

A recent analysis of AutoLoop's 60-million-plus customer database revealed that well over half the emails delivered from our system were opened or clicked via mobile device[1]. Email marketing engagement through smart phones and tablets was even higher among affluent customers who owned premium vehicles.

Device Usage

According to numerous forecasters, the mobile market will grow by at least 15% annually over the next two years, especially as more Millennials enter the automotive market. That means that within a very short time, almost 75% of the interaction with your email marketing could be through a mobile device. Are you preparing for that shift? How does this mobile tipping point impact your email marketing strategy?

Not to worry: AutoLoop's already got your back. For years, we've been designing email marketing with a mobile-first mentality, and we've developed some strategic mobile best practices that will lead to higher customer engagement and ROI for you.

1. With Mobile, Less Is More

Think about your favorite social media feed. As you scroll through on your smart phone, are you more likely to stop for the really captivating picture or the long diatribe on why someone is sad today? Email marketing has to move fast because consumers do.

Our vast campaign gallery features very strong, engaging images designed to instantly attract customers and pull them into the communication. Those images are usually followed by some brief explanatory copy that clearly communicates the campaign's particular customer benefits. And then the focus quickly moves to a key driver of most campaign successes—the offers.

Responsive Campaign2.  Be Responsive

All of AutoLoop's dynamic email campaigns are created to fit any device on which they're opened - mobile, tablet, or desktop - perfectly. In other words, regardless of the medium, the communication is always going to look good. Check out the responsive email design in this post: it includes prominent text, clickable buttons and a clear CTA, all located above the fold. You don't have to scroll endlessly or rotate your smart phone horizontally to expand a non-responsive email. Because if you make your message too hard to read, customers will likely just skip it and move on.

3. Clickable and Repeated Buttons

How many times have you tried to click on an interesting but tiny link on your smart phone, only to end up on the wrong link? AutoLoop's large, highly visible call-to-action (CTA) buttons increase the likelihood of selection by the customer, thereby delivering a much easier and better user experience. And for high-priority CTAs, the link is typically repeated throughout the email, eliminating up/down scrolling just to get a desired result.

Through numerous other design strategies and technical engineering, we're always working to make our campaigns more effective on all devices. And as a continuously evolving software company, we're already testing even better ways to improve the user experience and in turn, your bottom line.

[1] Device Usage based to all automated trigger notifications opened or clicked by a device from March-May, 2016.