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Boost profit with a customized trade value

Make the most of your best-sellers; all it takes is a slight adjustment to your trade-in value. For example, if your business’s expertise is in Toyota models, and a newly redesigned Camry was just released, you may experience a hike in Camry sales. As the desire for a new Camry increases, offer customers extra value to trade in their current vehicle for the one they truly want. It’ll increase the likelihood of trade-in, plus drive more profit for your business and make for happier customers in the end.

Adjusting your value

Customizing your trade-in value is easy and can take less than five minutes. To navigate to this setting, go to your Quote Dashboard and click Trades in the navigation bar.


Once you’re at the Trade Settings page, you’ll see your options to adjust. Start by selecting the model you’d like to change, add the price/percentage adjustment, and click Execute. If you’re not satisfied with the end value, or made a mistake in your adjustment, simply click Reset – your changes won’t save until you click Save Changes.


Your trade-in value is automatically set at the book value, and you likely only want to adjust the certain model values for a limited amount of time. So instead of changing it and having to remember to go back to readjust, set an expiration date. On said date, the model’s value will diminish back to the normal book value.

Plus, adjusting your trade setting doesn’t need to apply to one specific model. If you’re experiencing a surge of trade-ins for a few different models, just select which one you’d like to adjust, set the new value, and click Save Changes. Once you’re finished, all you have to do is click the dropdown to find the next model you’d like to change.

For questions on the Trade Value Setting, or for more information on value best practices, please reach out to your Performance Manager.