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Email Pre-Header Text

According to a recent study*, over half of all emails are now opened on a mobile device – and mobile users rely on quick, effective communication. One way to grab their attention and hold engagement is by optimizing all visible text in the mobile inbox.

With AutoLoop Essentials, all of your communications include pre-loaded content that is written and designed to meet today’s email best practices.

3 important components create one effective email

When customers receive an email, they see a from name,subject line and pre-header text – all without ever opening the actual message.That’s why it’s so imperative for these three components to work together to pique interest.

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  1. From Name
    An email’s from name instantly lets recipients know who the message is coming from and is vital for effective communication. Without it, it’s unlikely an email will even be opened.
  2. Subject Line
    A short introduction to the email’s content, an impactful subject line encourages the recipient to open your email. Ideal subject lines are short, engaging, and authentic.To determine which subject lines are most effective, Essentials offers A/B testing – in fact, a simple subject line tweak has generated a 19 percent lift in open rates for our clients.
  3. Pre-Header Text
    The pre-header can be considered an extension of the subject line. It resides just beneath it, and is meant to expand upon an attention-grabbing subject line. To be effective, pre-header text should work with the subject line to tell a cohesive story that encourages a click.

Customization when it counts

If you’ve customized the body copy of your email, you can also tweak the subject line and pre-header text to match. Essentials is flexible enough to easily accommodate your changes. Seize the opportunity to offer a special incentive to draw customers in and maximize open rates.

With AutoLoop Essentials, you can be sure your customers are getting the right message at the right time – and that every communication is optimized for their device. Contact us today to learn more.

*Based on the 2017 Litmus State of Email Report