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How XRM Overcomes 4 Common Buyer Objections

What is the best predictor of whether or not a customer will buy from your dealership? A recent AutoLoop survey of about 60,000 unsold automotive customers makes a strong argument for engagement to interest—and ultimately, persuade—buying customers. Take a look at the survey results and how XRM maximizes lead conversions by overcoming buying objections.

The shopping experience
One of the questions asked of unsold customers was, “If you did not purchase a vehicle during your visit, what can the dealership do now to earn your business?” The highest percentage of unsold customers cited the shopping experience as the reason they had not yet purchased. When asked what about shopping did not persuade them to buy, some of the actual responses were:
• I wanted to do more comparison shopping.
• It was not what I was looking for.
• I decided to wait a little.
• I’m waiting for them to call me back.

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Unsold customers may wait, but not for long. Survey results indicate that two-thirds of vehicle purchases occurred within seven days after the initial visit. Beyond that, more than half of all purchases occurred in the first 28 days after the initial visit.

Here’s how XRM takes prompt action to address the above four issues.

“I wanted to do more comparison shopping”
Customers who feel this way need frequent engagement to keep your dealership top-of-mind. With the Results-Based Follow-up (RBF) feature, you can ensure that customer contact never lapses, even as they investigate other stores.

“It was not what I was looking for”
XRM reviews your desking process with unsold customers easily because of its Restore Pencil capability. This feature retrieves your quote history so you can compare earlier deals and recommend new models that meet customer needs better.

“I decided to wait a little”
Out of sight, out of mind, as the saying goes. XRM helps you stay top-of-mind with professionally designed templates that display optimally on any device. These reminder communications can be the extra bit of engagement an unsold customer needs to reach a purchase decision.

“I’m waiting for them to call me back”
Surprisingly, more than half of those surveyed did not get a follow-up call. Of those who did, 26% went on to purchase.

XRM addresses this by sending your equity, follow-up, conquest and appointment calls to your BDC automatically. Your Call Center’s powers of persuasion take it from there.

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XRM automatically increases the value of your dealership for customers. Through frequent prospect engagement by email and voice, you can overcome objections and close more deals. Contact your Field Performance Manager to learn more about how XRM features can engage and convert more leads.