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Maximize Efficiency with AutoLoop ShopMonitor™

Keep your advisors on task while delivering a superior customer experience with AutoLoop ShopMonitor. This service workflow tool helps maximize efficiency by tracking the progress of every vehicle entering your shop. 

How it works 

1) Each vehicle receives its own vehicle-specific number that enables tracking at multiple stations within the dealership.

2) Advisors can monitor the stations as they receive a vehicle or dispatch it to the next area (arrival, check-in, inspect and repair, car wash, delivery).

3) The amount of time at and between each station (from vehicle drop-off to customer pick-up) is tracked by a “Promise Time” set by advisors, based on the amount of service needed.

4) Each station can be configured to send text message alerts to service advisors and customers about the status of the vehicles.

ShopMonitor in action

JM Lexus, the world’s highest volume Lexus dealership, relies on ShopMonitor every single day. Brad Schafer, Director of Fixed Operations, explained: “We service up to 300 vehicles a day. Without a fully integrated system, it’d be easy for things to slip through the cracks. ShopMonitor helps us track vehicle movement throughout the entire process and gives us a better understanding of shop productivity.” 

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