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For Easier Marketing, Pull the Trigger

What Are Triggers?

Triggers are marketing pieces that are sent based on need. If you’ve ever gotten a “happy birthday” email from a business, you’ve seen a trigger. Specific criteria control when the pieces are sent and who receives them, making them highly targeted. And the best part? Once you’ve set them up, you’re done: you decide which kind of triggers you want to use and what information you want to trigger their release. After that, they run on their own.

For dealerships, there’s an opportunity to get much more involved than the usual happy birthday/anniversary pieces. (Not that those aren’t useful).

A customer just purchased a car? Use a trigger to make sure he enjoyed his experience at your dealership. Someone’s lease contract is expiring? How about a trigger that prompts her to contact customer service to review her options? The possibilities go on and on.

Set It and Forget it

To demonstrate, let’s take a look at Scheduled Maintenance triggers. These are reminders to your customers of upcoming OEM-recommended maintenance.  Remember that each reminder is “triggered” by specific criteria based on information your service department has entered into your DMS—in this case, it’s usually estimated mileage.

Once the initial setup is complete, everything becomes automatic. At each interval of recommended maintenance, messages not only remind customers of the need to schedule an appointment, they can even tell customers the services they can expect to be performed.

Just like that, your advertising becomes both relevant and helpful. You’ve gone beyond merely promoting your product to the point where you’re delivering useful information to your customers. Is that important? You bet.

Give the People What They Want…Automatically

Ask yourself these questions: Do I have time to read everything that makes it into my inbox? Even if I did, would I? Your customers value their time as highly as you value yours. They want information from you, but they want valuable information … and that’s largely a matter of timing: What’s valuable to Customer A today might not apply to Customer B for another year, and may never apply to Customer C at all.

Now, you can try to keep up with all of them, remembering who came in when and for what, then spend every morning trying to decide which message should go to which one. But why would you? You can set triggers well in advance that automatically send the most pertinent messages to—and only to—the customers who need it.

When customers receive marketing that is relevant to them, it shows you’re willing to focus on what’s important to them, rather than what’s important to you. And when you can set up that marketing to go out automatically, with little to no ongoing input from you? That shows you understand what smart marketing is all about.

If you need a marketing venue that’s easy, timely and relevant, triggers are the way to go, and Autoloop Essentials is a great place to start. If you’re interested in learning, call 877-850-2010 or email us at