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AutoLoop Introduces Auto XChange Point-of-Sale Program

“Service customers represent an outstanding yet often untapped opportunity for dealerships,” said Matt Rodeghero, AutoLoop Chief Product Officer. “Auto XChange speaks directly to that audience, making customers aware that a dealer has attractive trade-in offers, and that trading up might be a viable option.”

According to Rodeghero, while Quote works in the background, comparing the type, condition, and payments of the customer’s current vehicle to generate a personalized quote, Auto XChange is the outward display that grabs customers’ attention, engaging them with branded messaging about the possibility of early trade-in.

“Auto XChange creates excitement and interest in new vehicles among people who typically aren’t looking for a new car,” he said.

While the standard Auto XChange package comes complete with professionally designed and coordinated posters, table tents, mirror hangers and handouts, more aggressive dealerships may opt for optional custom pieces such as banners or freestanding signage. As an additional part of the Auto XChange package, the POP displays are installed on-site by an AutoLoop Support Team member, who will also coach dealerships on effectively leveraging the Quote information to make a sale.

“Today’s vehicle shoppers focus more on monthly payments than the total purchase cost,” said John Bottone, AutoLoop Vice President of Sales. “The service drive is the perfect place for dealers to appeal to this type of thinking.”

“Why should dealers spend money and resources to get customers in the store when they’re already there?” he added. “Auto XChange can directly engage service customers without the need for additional sales personnel. It’s a win-win scenario.”

About AutoLoop:

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