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3 Things you Might Not Have Known About Touchpoint Marketing

Every time a customer or potential customer encounters your brand, you have the opportunity to mold your company’s image.

These encounters are called touchpoints, and using them correctly can go a long way toward customer retention.

The logic behind touchpoint marketing is pretty simple: Non-intrusive communications are sent on naturally occurring markers—service milestones, end of lease, even the customer’s birthday—as a reminder that you’re still there to help. But like any tool, touchpoint marketing’s effectiveness is dependent on your understanding of its use. Here are three often-overlooked keys to successful touchpoint marketing.

Point 1:  Direct and Indirect touchpoints are equally important

If you have a sales consultant and a customer on the floor talking trade-in, that’s a direct touchpoint: it’s a contact that could directly lead to a sale. An example of an indirect touchpoint might be sending a customer a “Happy Birthday” email: you’re still making contact, but it’s unlikely to make the customer rush to the dealership that afternoon.

Direct touchpoints are more gratifying, since they might end in a sale. Unfortunately, customers don’t buy new vehicles every month … which limits how many direct touchpoints you can legitimately use. That’s why indirect touchpoints are essential: they build your brand image, even when customers aren’t looking to be “sold”.

Point 2:  Not every touchpoint calls for a sales pitch

Touchpoint marketing is about controlling future encounters: when a customer buys a vehicle, they’re also giving you permission to keep in contact (assuming they don’t opt out, of course). If your triggers are set correctly, you have planned communication for the life cycle of the vehicle and beyond.

The point of this is not to try and sell the customer something with each contact; the goal is to provide them with useful information over a period of time.You’re not pushing the customer to buy a new vehicle 6 months after he made a purchase…but you are keeping him positively engaged until he’s ready to start shopping.

Point 3:  Phony touchpoints can be worse than none at all

There are plenty of legitimate touchpoints in the average cycle of vehicle ownership. And if there aren’t enough, or they don’t fall where you need them to, you can always create touchpoints—having a Customer Appreciation Day, for example.

Having said that … a little goes a long way: holding a Customer Appreciation Day once a year is viewed as … well, as appreciating your customers. Holding a Customer Appreciation Day every week, however, could look like a gimmick, and might make customers leery.

Proper use of touchpoints can build legitimacy into your brand, which in turn bolsters customer retention. Let AutoLoop™ help you take advantage of touchpoints by activating your triggers today.

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