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5-Step Road to the Sale

Increase the Chances of Successfully Converting Sales

We recently spoke with Steve Snow, who has served as an Internet Manager, Sales Manager and Finance Manager at several different dealerships over the last 16 years, and asked him for some tips on selling more vehicles. He told us about the 5-step “Road to the Sale” that he followed to increase the chances of successfully converting sales.

Step 1: Make a Good First Impression

The way you present yourself is very important. Being well-groomed and well-dressed is a big part of that, but the way you behave will make or break this step. When approaching a prospect, make eye contact, smile and introduce yourself to everyone (husband, wife, kids, etc).

Step 2: Identify Their Needs

After the introduction, invite your customer inside. You’ll need to spend some time creating a dialogue before you can determine your sales approach, and it’s best to do this away from the heat or cold of the outdoors. Ask about his current vehicle, what he does/doesn’t like about it, and his driving habits. Based on this information, you should be able to get a good idea of which vehicle will appeal most to this particular customer.

Step 3: Give a Custom Presentation

Now it’s time to show off the vehicle. It seems obvious, but make sure to highlight the features that align with the customer’s needs. If he’s concerned about safety, show him where the airbags are and explain any features, such as blind spot monitoring.

Step 4: Let Them Ride

The next step is to let your customer test drive the vehicle. Invite all parties to come. It’s important to remain relatively quiet during the test drive. If there are any questions, make sure to answer them, but a quiet environment allows the driver to hear and feel the car. Don’t underestimate the value of listening to what the customer tells you throughout this process, as they usually volunteer a lot of information.

Step 5: Transition to Purchase

If the customer enjoyed the test drive, then ask if he would like to see the financial details of that particular vehicle. Offer the customer something to drink, and take him to your desk to present figures. This is where you collect information, find out the method of payment, introduce them to a sales manager, and transition them to the business or finance office.

Following these steps will put you in a great position to close the sale, but in reality, the process doesn’t end here. While the customer is in the finance office, you should make sure the vehicle is ready to go (i.e tires inflated, filled with gas). During the delivery, you will want to be there to answer any additional questions that may come up. Finally, a few days after delivery, do a follow-up. Thank him for his business, ask how he likes the vehicle, and ask for referrals.

Share this article with your sales team, so they can see what areas of their sales approach may need more attention.