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Increase Tire Sales with Targeted Messaging

This time of year provides a great opportunity to increase revenue through tire sales

Some dealers think that tire sales aren’t worth focusing on, but they are: many customers never consider a dealership when purchasing tires. Even your most loyal customers may find themselves tempted to visit an after-market source for tires. If you want them to choose you the next time they are in need of parts or service, keep them at your dealership.

Find Your Target

To effectively sell tires—or anything, for that matter— you need to have a consistent message each time you contact a customer. There are several compelling reasons to buy new tires, but if you don’t focus on something specific, your message can get confusing.

Does this mean every person you send an email to should see the same information? Nope. People have different needs, and they only respond to benefits that appeal to them.The solution is to develop multiple campaigns, while targeting each piece to a receptive audience.


To the right audience, the performance benefits of using the correct tires can be a strong incentive. Target this message to individuals who own sports cars or have purchased accessories that indicate they are trying to get the most out of their vehicle. This group wants to push their vehicle, and it’s up to you to show them how tires can help.

Handling and Safety

The improved handling and safety that tires provide is another area where you can focus a campaign. Owners of trucks, SUVs and crossovers are perfect for this appeal. Truck owners depend on their vehicle’s handling to help them tow and haul heavy loads, while SUV and crossover owners count on their vehicle’s safety as they transport loved ones (read: children).

Gas Mileage

Whether it’s about saving money or saving the environment, people everywhere are focusing on MPGs. Target individuals who are driving hybrid, electric, diesel, and clean natural gas vehicles with marketing that focuses on the impact a new set of tires will have on the environment and their wallet. If they were willing to purchase a vehicle that lowered their gas mileage,they’re likely to be interested in tires that can further improve their fuel economy.


A great way to properly target your audience is through the use of triggers. AutoLoop™ offers a tire trigger that is sent out based on estimated mileage. This allows you to send your message to customers that will need to purchase tires in the near future.

Keep in mind, these are just examples. There are plenty of reasons to buy new tires, but precise targeting will make those reasons more effective.  The important part is to communicate with your customers based on their wants and interests. Request a custom campaign, and AutoLoop™ will help you get started with targeted emails today. Call us at 877-850-2010 or email us at