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Recalls: ROs Made Easy

Did you know your AutoLoop™ software makes it easy to inform your customers of existing recalls?

Even looking past the ease of finding these templates pre-made and waiting in our gallery, there are several reasons to use the templates to alert your customers to any recalls involving their vehicles.

Appear Official, Yet Friendly

The fact that the recalls we provide are OEM-branded can really help their appeal.  Many dealerships send recall notifications that are about as cold and confusing as a government form. While our templates use most of the same language (for legal purposes), our design is much more engaging, and the reader immediately knows what the email is about.

Eliminate Confusion

Our recall templates include a clear call-to-action that directs the customers to your dealership. The goal is to get readers to schedule a service appointment, and we give them two easy options: they can either call your Service Department or click a button to schedule online. The 1-2-3 simplicity of the scheduling process makes it more likely that the call-to-action will be effective.

Increase Loyalty

When you inform customers of a recall and perform it effectively, you’ll win some fans. They’ll appreciate the fact that you did them a service without going after their money, increasing the chances that they’ll choose you to perform their next paid service.

Keeping your customers informed about recalls involving their vehicle should be an important part of your marketing mix. With AutoLoop™ that process is made easy for you, as well as your customers. Browse the gallery to get started today.