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Show Off What’s Unique About Your Dealership

AutoLoop™ Makes it Easy

When it comes to showcasing dealership amenities, AutoLoop subscribers have a valuable advantage: every trigger you send via AutoLoop has a built-in amenities list. In addition to whatever central message you’re sending, we've reserved a space on our emails for your dealership's top three amenities to show up automatically.

It's an efficient and effective tool, and incredibly easy to set up. Call a member of our support team and we can walk you through the process, creating custom amenities or selecting ones from our existing list. You decide which amenities set your showroom or service lane apart from the rest. After that, it's automatic: you can set it and forget it, knowing it will go on working in the background. And best of all, there's no extra cost to you: it's already part of your AutoLoop subscription.

If you're not currently taking advantage of AutoLoop's built-in amenities list, you're missing out on a great feature, and a great opportunity. We're more than happy to help. Call us at 877-850-2010 or email us at