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AutoLoop Solutions

Imagine All Your Data Working Together to Drive Profits

The AutoLoop Software Suite is more than a CMS: it’s the Industry’s only comprehensive, fully integrated suite of customer engagement tools. Each component is state-of-the-art in its own right…but what makes the AutoLoop Suite so powerful is all of the components pulling the collected data and working together to deliver easier use, maximum efficiency, and the highest profits for dealers.


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An all-encompassing cross-media marketing platform, AutoLoop Essentials™ offers the most comprehensive customer engagement management (CEM) in the automotive marketplace. The near real-time integration with DMS activity is assimilated with customer behavior and automotive make/model guidelines. The result: a data source that is continually updated to create the most accurate target marketing messages. Once integrated, this extensive knowledge is the basis for automated communications that enable you to consistently engage your customer with The Right Message at the Right Time. 

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AutoLoop Book™ continues to raise the scheduling standard for dealerships wishing to compete in today’s competitive and web-savvy market. The program supports service scheduling—leading to amazing CSI scores—while enhancing dealer performance and profits. From a single integrated platform, AutoBook can be activated by dealers using the AutoLoop Essentials package, or it can be installed as a standalone service.

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We asked dealers what they wanted from equity mining tools. Their responses led to one of the most aggressive new technology investments this industry has ever seen—a cutting-edge tool for pro-active dealers to achieve extraordinary sales results. Focused entirely on existing customers, each quote is automatically generated based on “real-time” data and current inventory: Ownership cost comparisons, dealer incentives, financing options and timely presentations are compelling — but only the tip of the iceberg...

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Connect is a dynamic processing program that builds on the ever-evolving AutoLoop Suite of products. Using dashboards and summaries of customer activities, Connect can boost the efficiency of all your outbound communications by constantly monitoring and updating the status of customer activities in real time. It also allows you to easily monitor customer sales, service and communications from virtually any source within the dealership.

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Automated Communications

An all-encompassing cross-media marketing platform, AutoLoop Essentials offers the most comprehensive Customer Engagement Management (CEM) in the automotive marketplace. The near real time integration with DMS activity is assimilated with customer behavior and automotive make/model guidelines to offer a comprehensive data source to drive targeted marketing messaging. Simply stated, the integration of this mass knowledge allows automated communications designed to facilitate engagement — and the process ultimately yields unmatched results!