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Frequently Asked Questions about AutoLoop Book™

What can the customer access through the dealer website?

The customer can schedule appointments, view OEM recommendations, see historical service records, review maintenance reminders, and respond to special dealer offerings. If a Loyalty program is in place, the customer will also be able to track and redeem points.

Is there an opportunity to make special offers to customers?

Offers can be uniquely tailored to the customer, the make/model/age of the vehicle or they can be based on specific service history—all automated by predetermined settings.

Does the program integrate with dealership service menus?

Good/Better/Best menus and any special recommendations are built into the program. Changes can be accommodated at any time.

Are customers notified of upcoming or overdue service?

Full integration with the AutoLoop Essentials platform provides automated appointment reminders and overdue service notifications, and follows up missed appointments—by electronic, mail, and/or voice communications.

Does the online scheduler impact show rates?

Scheduling their own appointments when/how they want engages customers, making them more likely to honor their commitments.



Efficient Scheduling

AutoLoop Book is the scheduling standard for dealerships wishing to compete in today’s competitive and web-savvy market. The program supports service scheduling, leading to amazing CSI scores, while enhancing dealer performance and profits. Utilizing a single integrated platform, AutoBook can be activated by dealers using the AutoLoop Essentials package, or can be installed as a standalone service.