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Autoloop -smartlane

SmartLane™ is an easy-to-use application that brings all the power of AutoLoop Book™ right out to your service lane.

Working in tandem with your AutoLoop customer database, SmartLane™ quickly and effectively enhances your existing AutoLoop Book™ service to give you:

• Faster, smoother check-ins with real-time access to customer and vehicle records

Smartlane• Customizable walk-around inspection checklists 

Sales opportunities with OEM service recommendations and service records

• “Drag-and-drop” damage indicators for use during walk-around

• Separate comment areas for internal notes and customer viewing

• Ability to update customer/vehicle information right from the service lane

• Better overall communication & customer engagement

In addition to the already impressive list of AutoLoop Book™ abilities, SmartLane™ also takes advantage of iPad technology to give you exclusive features like the ability to scan in a VIN, take a photo of a damaged area and even get an electronic signature.

Key Product Features:

  • Mobile Reception
  • Walk-around Inspection
  • Photo Capture Options
  • Customizable Checklists
  • Real-time Customer Updates
  • Menu Up-selling
  • Declined Recommendations
  • Service History
  • Customer E-Sign



Unleash Your Service Lane

SmartLane’s™ comprehensive capabilities and intuitive interface make it easy for your service team to look up customer information, make notes, take photos of the vehicle and more — all right in the service lane. By immediately linking to a vehicle’s service history, SmartLane™ tells you which recommended services were recently performed… as well as which ones were recently declined. It will even offer Good, Better and Best options for service. It’s the information you need, right at your fingertips. No more waiting, no more clipboards, no more being tied to a computer.