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AutoLoop Connect™

Consolidate all your customer activity to maximize results

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Intelligent Call Management

Connect consolidates all customer specific information on your marketing initiatives to facilitate effective voice driven, direct marketing. Sales, service, and BDC departments can all improve results through their single point access to all data necessary for informed communications with customers. Management benefits from a central source for measuring the effectiveness of all call programs.

Integrated with DMS and All Marketing

Connect uses your DMS and seamless integration with the AutoLoop suite of products to collect all information about  a customer and their interaction with the dealership. Consolidation of a complete picture of all marketing activity impacting the customer enhances your ability to coordinate efficient customer contacts.

Advanced BDC Efficiency

Planning a daily voice call initiative, monitoring performance and impacting results are advanced to a level never before available to a BDC. More information and easy access will significantly impact efficiency and results.

Centralized Campaigns

Dealerships can coordinate automated or on-demand campaigns to stimulate voice calling directly from the BDC or from any department. Consolidated reporting and multi-point access assures all departments can be engaged working on common voice communication programs.

Management Oversight

Reports are instantly available allowing management advanced oversight of marketing efforts and even performance within the various departments. Work flows can be allocated based on real-time activity improving staff efficiency.

Dynamic Programming

Connect was built to enhance business on the fly. Instant data, real time monitoring of results, and the ability to make changes in your marketing programs at any time are key components of the program. Campaigns can be accelerated or retired based on understanding their actual field performance.

Platform for a Dynamic Future

The unique design of Connect makes possible a virtually limitless platform for seamlessly assimilating dealership data, marketing activity, and relevant marketing data to optimize dealership business development. With built-in reporting and dynamic analytics, the product will support a virtually unlimited development effort now... and in the future.


Key Product Features:

  • Optimize BDC Operations
  • Intelligent Call Management
  • Centralized Customer Data
  • Multi-Department Utilization
  • Workload Sharing
  • Centralized Notification and Campaigns
  • Insightful Management Dashboards
  • Full integration with Marketing Platform
  • Real-time Monitoring of Activity



Automated Managment Tools

Connect™ is a constantly evolving program that builds on the ever-evolving AutoLoop Suite of products. In the field applications continually add features to the program and dealers continue to explore new ways to utilize the tools to enhance their business performance.