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Real Knowledge. True Voice.

AutoLoop Engage PhotoWhat’s the real reason your showroom traffic didn’t buy? AutoLoop Engage knows: using independent third-party consumer feedback, we provide the most detailed and accurate information about your customers’ experience, your sales process, and the real purchase objections not typically disclosed to sales staff.

The Truest Data

Forget the false “convenience” excuses: with AutoLoop Engage, you can fine-tune your sales process by discovering the real reasons your “be-backs” walk out without buying.

The Sweetest Deal

Identify your hottest unsold prospects, find their objections to purchase, and follow-up with the offer they’re really looking for.

The Best Ad Sourcing

Maximize your ad budget by using detailed customer feedback to focus your ad spend on the areas driving the most traffic.

The Most Accountability

Gain critical insight into the customer experience—and your sales process—with in-depth sales floor analysis and tracking.

Unsold buyers? Or Your Hottest Prospects?

Each customer who walks out of your showroom without buying is a lost sale… but with AutoLoop Engage, you can convert those lost opportunities into a goldmine of potential leads. Information sourced from live agent calls at our Certified Automotive Market Research Center is more accurate, more relevant, and your best solution for driving “be-back” traffic.

Key Product Features:

  • “True Voice of the Customer” Feedback
  • Genuine Customer Experience Data
  • Actual Non-Purchase Reasons
  • Critical Operations Information
  • Increased Profits and Higher ROI
  • Sales Process Accountability
  • More Accurate Ad Spend Reporting



Automated Communications

An all-encompassing cross-media marketing platform, AutoLoop Essentials offers the most comprehensive Customer Engagement Management (CEM) in the automotive marketplace. The near real time integration with DMS activity is assimilated with customer behavior and automotive make/model guidelines to offer a comprehensive data source to drive targeted marketing messaging. Simply stated, the integration of this mass knowledge allows automated communications designed to facilitate engagement — and the process ultimately yields unmatched results!