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Automated Communications

Multi-Channel Engagement

Using Voice, SMS, email and direct mail efforts, AutoLoop Essentials™ equips a dealership with a flexible resource offering flexible marketing based exclusively on the customer’s need and current situation.


Over 30 automated messages can be preset to customers—each tailored to be relevant and timely. Designed to support Service, Parts and Sales communications, the programs feature text and voice options and can be set for personalized messages, reminders, holiday announcements, relevant couponing, and OEM recommended support services.

On-Demand Marketing Toolbox

EssentialsThe AutoLoop Essentials™ program comes with over 2,500 templates of highly tested, relevant and brand-specific communications to entice customers to action. Each template features design elements, which can be tailored for your specific dealership; complete customization is an option as well. AutoLoop’s team of campaign specialists is ready to help you through the design and implementation process.

Smart Coupons

The options are unlimited, but the key is the ability to adjust offerings that meet the relevant needs of the customer: that’s the difference between “advertising” and “engagement.” Engagement is vital, and offering relevant-yet-flexible marketing channels makes it possible.

Email Reliability

Successful marketing through technological resources is critically dependent on having accurate customer information. The AutoLoop program addresses this issue at multiple levels:  First, we help dealers get it right the first time with ongoing programming that boosts email collection rates. Then we verify email proficiency using active Appends programming along with data cleansing systems which compare records against multiple data bases for accuracy.

Direct Mail


AutoLoop Essentials separates itself from other direct mail by taking full advantage of multi-media integration, building campaigns that are customer-specific and results-oriented. And when the data is based on customer profiles, the direct mail response rates grow.

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Marketing Portal

The management tools in AutoLoop Essentials are unparalleled in the industry. Performance dashboards, custom reports, real-time result monitoring, ROI analysis and extensive planning tools are all included in the most dealer-centric oversight program anywhere. On one screen a proactive dealer can see every element of their marketing, whether it is consolidated on a dealer-wide basis or drilled down to the specific activity for a single customer.

BDC Management Tools

Combining all the factors of a relationship between the dealership and an individual customer allows for targeting in unique ways. Working through prospect lists, defining specific characteristics for calls and tracking all marketing activities can help the BDC become much more effective. Special reporting can extend the basic tools to include custom reports and special monitoring tools which can significantly boost the relevancy of the BDC in call programs.

Customized Marketing Analysis

Having so much data captured into one centralized environment offers an ideal opportunity for analysis of performance, ROI, and operational efficiency. At AutoLoop, we’re firm believers in the benefits of regular ongoing data analysis: extending our knowledge with customized analytics for each dealer is part of our base commitment to improve the dealers’ ROI and help maximize customer retention.

Key Product Features:

  • Automated Lifecycle Marketing
  • Multi-Channel Engagement
  • Seamless DMS Integration
  • On Demand Marketing
  • Smart Coupons
  • Email Cleansing
  • Direct Mail Integration
  • Marketing Portal
  • BDC Management Tools
  • Loyalty Program Built-in




Automated Communications

An all-encompassing cross-media marketing platform, AutoLoop Essentials offers the most comprehensive Customer Engagement Management (CEM) in the automotive marketplace. The near real time integration with DMS activity is assimilated with customer behavior and automotive make/model guidelines to offer a comprehensive data source to drive targeted marketing messaging. Simply stated, the integration of this mass knowledge allows automated communications designed to facilitate engagement — and the process ultimately yields unmatched results!