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Instant Online Leads

Your Best Prospects. Your Best Personnel. Your Best Results.

Immediately engage your most engaged customers with Instant Online Leads. When a customer expresses interest in a vehicle on your website, our real-time tool prompts sales personnel to follow up with a live call to close the sale.

  • Instant Notification. Sales personnel are alerted the moment an interested prospect submits the online request form.

  • Live Contact. Sales personnel can make live contact while users are still actively shopping.

  • Great Prospects. Real-time contact with customers who have already expressed interest in a specific vehicle.

  • Easy to Implement. A customized web tool allows online shoppers to easily request a follow-up from a sales rep.

  • Prioritize Your Personnel. Sales reps are automatically alerted in order, based on your pre-set preferences and their availability.

  • Increase the Value of Your Web Traffic. Our tool effortlessly generates top-quality leads from your already existing web traffic, turning those prospects into sales.