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Fundamental Market Tools

Market Evaluation

A marketing strategy is developed specifically for your dealership through a detailed analysis of your customer base, external national databases, and our proprietary analytics. This helps identify cross-market opportunities and uncover unique targets for more effective results.

  • Service Reminders: Focused on time and mileage, a directed mailing can reach customers that are email/phone-averse and are in need of service.
  • Recovery Campaigns: A program targeting customers at certain key points in the relationship can catch them before they defect, not after.
  • Declined Service: Engage customers with specific messages when a previous service was declined; recapture their business.
  • Sales through Service: Knowing where your customer is in the lifecycle of ownership increases the potential of specific communications using the service department to entice early trade-in/purchases.

The Campaign Approach

Directing mail to highly refined targets with relevant communications can bring a mail program to new performance levels. At AutoLoop, we concentrate on building campaigns, not simply one-off mail efforts: using a target 90-day rolling cycle, mailings are sequenced to get results without bombarding a customer. When this approach is combined with the full AutoLoop Suite of products, the dealer can expect exceptional response.

Results Monitoring

Unique dashboards are provided to give complete transparency into your marketing. Tracking ROI from your investment in mail—as well as obtaining detailed reports all by zip code, user-defined categories, and more—are at your fingertips every day.

AutoLoop On-Demand Direct Mail Mission

No customers fall through the cracks, and every customer is “touched” with relevant communication using the appropriate timing. Simply stated, increasing your response rates and driving more traffic into your dealership is our measure of success.

Direct Mail Key Features:

  • Market Evaluator
  • Precision Targeting
  • Personalized Marketing Strategies
  • Real-time Monitoring and Reports



On-Demand Direct Mail™

The Competitive Edge with Cross-Media Marketing from AutoLoop

Direct Mail to existing customers has proven to be significant 
enhancement to dealer marketing. Field market success with the 
highly targeted AutoLoop Direct Mail program consistently demonstrates a 
13-22% increase in customer response above those achieved by 
auto-messaging systems alone. Reaching out to a targeted customer 
group with a multi-media message can greatly enhance results.