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Dealer-Branded Smartphone App

Engage your customers in a whole new way. AutoLoop Mobile drives revenue by consistently placing you where your customers are – whether it’s on the road, at home or anywhere they have access to their mobile device. Available for both iOS and Android, AutoLoop Mobile is a fully functioning mobile app that’s branded with your dealership name and logo.

Trigger Push Notifications
Drive revenue with relevant push notifications from AutoLoop Essentials—ongoing automatic communication alerts and downloadable smart coupons keep customers engaged even when they’re not actively using the app.
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Integrated Vehicle History and Scheduling
Make vehicle maintenance faster, easier and more accurate for customers: easily accessible vehicle history and quick, convenient scheduling with automatic log-in facilitate more service appointments.

Built-In Equity Tool
Drive sales by offering personalized, accurate, and timely quotes and equity offers instantly accessible within the application.

Value-Added Functionality
Improve your customers’ ownership experience with built-in features like parking assistance, current gas prices, roadside assistance and more. 



Automated Communications

An all-encompassing cross-media marketing platform, AutoLoop Essentials offers the most comprehensive Customer Engagement Management (CEM) in the automotive marketplace. The near real time integration with DMS activity is assimilated with customer behavior and automotive make/model guidelines to offer a comprehensive data source to drive targeted marketing messaging. Simply stated, the integration of this mass knowledge allows automated communications designed to facilitate engagement — and the process ultimately yields unmatched results!