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Repeat Sales

Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing

This dynamic platform uses automated direct mail and email marketing channels to communicate relevant offers to customers in a position to upgrade to a newer vehicle.

On Demand Campaigns

By integrating with AutoLoop Essentials, dealers can originate custom campaigns utilizing the On-Demand Marketing Toolbox.

In-Drive Equity Mining

The system provides real-time information on service lane customers that have been given specific offers and furnishes “lane sheets” to assist in one-on-one communications to maximize sales opportunities.

Automated Quote Generator

The system was built to minimize dealer time and investments in making offers to customers. Features built into the program drive estimates on mileage, service history, and Black Book valuations, and extend offers based on market-entered data on rates, incentives and dealer objectives. Compelling offers can easily be made for equivalent or trade-up vehicles.

Aged Inventory Buyer Matching

Aged inventory can quickly be matched to the most eligible buyers.

Lead Sheets for Sales

Likely buyer lead sheets can be generated for daily follow-up by Sales. Lead sheets include specific offers, monthly changes in values, and actionable information to enhance sales calls.

Cost of Ownership Evaluation

The quote generator includes projections on cost of ownership between the existing and proposed vehicles using manufacturer-scheduled maintenance, estimated operating costs, and a host of other factors that compel the customer to buy now.

National VIN Cleansing

A built-in data cleansing effort assures that offers are made to current owners of vehicles.


With AutoLoop Essentials and AutoLoop Book, your BDC will have a powerful new tool, creating accountability and maximizing performance. Easy-to-use dashboards and filters enhance management tracking.

Key Product Features:


  • Automated Quote Generation
  • OEM Incentives Included
  • Black Book ™ values
  • On Demand Multi-Media Campaigns
  • Automated Customer Equity Notifications
  • Cost of Ownership Evaluations
  • Customizable Quote Parameters
  • Aged Inventory Management
  • Daily Lead Sheets
  • Customer Prospect Lists
  • BDC Integration



To take full advantage of Quote, Add Auto XChange™ 

Our coordinated point of sale program designed to enhance the Quote software. 

Auto XChange Key Features:

  • In-Lane Prospect Handouts
  • POP Materials
  • Consulting
  • Service/Sales Coordination

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Repeat Sales

We asked dealers what would make a significant difference in equity mining tools... Their responses led to one of the most aggressive new technology investments this industry has ever seen! The result is a cutting-edge tool for aggressive dealers to achieve extraordinary sales results. Focused entirely on existing customers, each automatically generated quote is based on “real-time” data and current inventory. Ownership cost comparisons, dealer incentives, financing options and timely presentations are compelling — but simply the tip of the iceburg...