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Auto XChange™

Get customers interested before you even talk to them

Targeted POP materials engage service customers right in your lobby or waiting area.

  • Coordinated graphics create a consistent professional image
  • Program is designed to work with our popular Quote software
  • All pieces feature a concise, easy-to-understand message presented in a subtle way
  • Materials include posters, table tents, mirror hangers and handouts
  • Support Team member will assist with on-site setup and implementation

Custom support materials designed to generate excitement and accelerate sales.

A point of sale process developed by AutoLoop, Auto XChange strengthens our popular Quote program by creating excitement and interest in new vehicles among people who typically aren’t looking for a new car: your service customers.

While Quote is working in the background—comparing the type, condition, and payments of the customer’s current vehicle to generate a personalized quote—Auto XChange is getting customers’ attention. Using coordinated POP materials, Auto XChange clearly yet unobtrusively makes customers aware that you have attractive trade-in offers... and that trading up might be a viable option.

And there’s more: As part of the Auto XChange package, a member of our Support Team will actually come to your dealership, set up the POP displays, and coach your staff on ways to effectively leverage the Quote information to make a sale.

Service customers present an outstanding yet often untapped opportunity for your dealership. And with Auto XChange, you’ll have all the tools you need to successfully close the sale.

Key Product Features:

  • In-Lane Prospect Handouts
  • POP Materials
  • Consulting
  • Service/Sales Coordination



Repeat Sales

We asked dealers what would make a significant difference in equity mining tools. Their responses led to one of the most aggressive new technology investments this industr has ever seen! The result is a cutting-edge tool for aggressive dealers to achieve extraordinary sales results. Focused entirely on existing customers, each automatically generated quote is based on “real-time” data and current inventory. Ownership cost comparisons, dealer incentives, financing options and timely presentations are compelling — but simply the tip of the iceberg.