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Frequently Asked Questions about AutoLoop Quote™

Quote _PiecesWhat will the program deliver to the customer?

The programcreates custom quotes to encourage customers to upgrade to new vehicles. The savings illustrated in the quotes, plus the forward projected cost of ownership, will serve as a motivator for purchase. Offers are delivered by personalized emails, direct mail, BDC, and through service lane visits.

How are quotes generated?

Customer purchase and lease data is correlated with market data on values, OEM incentives, cost of ownership and more. The recommended vehicle is directly selected from your inventory with all costs, comparisons, and values automatically populated.

How frequently are customer communications transmitted?

Quotes are updated daily, and can be communicated to individual customers based on dealer-desired frequency. Lane sales sheets are generated on a daily basis to distribute to customers in the drive.

Is the information available to Sales for follow-up?

It is available and the system is designed to develop “lead sheets” daily if desired. The reports can be customized by a variety of factors, including a reference to the person who last sold a car to the customer.

How accurate is the data provided to the customer?

Quotes are automatically generated from proprietary programs identifying costs, resale values, and certain inputs localized for the dealership. National VIN-cleansing built into the system assures that the ownership information is accurate. Mileage and trade values are estimated based on Black Book data, subject to condition reports and local dealership objectives.

Can dealerships alter new car offerings to reflect inventory needs?

The system allows car matching between the customer and the dealership; priorities are on make/model matching with current product ownership or with select inventory, consistent with dealer inventory objectives. Aged inventory or special equipment products can be featured to stimulate sales.



Repeat Sales

We asked dealers what would make a significant difference in equity mining tools. Their responses led to one of the most aggressive new technology investments this industry has ever seen! The result is a cutting-edge tool for aggressive dealers to achieve extraordinary sales results. Focused entirely on existing customers, each automatically generated quote is based on “real-time” data and current inventory. Ownership cost comparisons, dealer incentives, financing options and timely presentations are compelling — but simply the tip of the iceberg...