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Identify every potential repair.

Maximize Upsell with SuperService.

Perform quick, consistent and completely transparent inspections with AutoLoop Inspect. Driven by OEM- and VIN-specific data, Inspect pinpoints every repair need and upsell possibility. For any recommended work, Inspect generates the most accurate quotes instantly with current parts availability and pricing.Inspect _Ipad _2

OEM/VIN-Specific Multipoint Inspection

Quickly identify every repair opportunity-including current recalls-through consistent VIN-specific inspections.  

Instant Pricing and Parts Availability

Generate precise quotes that include parts and labor costs, your preferred mark-up and even sales tax-all before you ever pull an RO.

Real-Time RO Status Updates

Streamline communications and manage end-to-end workshop flow with automatic vehicle status updates that are instantly visible to advisors, technicians and BDC reps. 

Comprehensive Inspection Report

Provide customers with detailed inspection reports that create transparency in the process, increasing  CSI scores-as well as repair approvals.
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Automated Communications

An all-encompassing cross-media marketing platform, AutoLoop Essentials offers the most comprehensive Customer Engagement Management (CEM) in the automotive marketplace. The near real time integration with DMS activity is assimilated with customer behavior and automotive make/model guidelines to offer a comprehensive data source to drive targeted marketing messaging. Simply stated, the integration of this mass knowledge allows automated communications designed to facilitate engagement — and the process ultimately yields unmatched results!